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We at EzShidduch are committed to helping the Yeshiva community get involved in shidduchim. By providing you with a daily updated database and a state of the art search engine, we can help you research a potential shidduch, enabling you to get involved as a community to help singles among us find their bashert. It is our hope that by making it easier to research and redt shidduchim, many more people will get involved and many more shidduchim will result.

Add your profile, reach those across the USA or perhaps the globe.

Our up to date database, and detailed search can help you research and redt a shidduch.

Recent Engagements

Mazel Tov to: Baruch Slater (Flatbush) to Devora Tenenbaum (Toronto)... Ari Zoldan (Boro Park) to Dasa Kraus (Lakewood)... Sholom Singer (Brooklyn) to Sori Moskowitz (Lakewood)... Yitzchok Bechhofer (Monsey) to Nechama Silver (Brooklyn)... Shaul Baum (Detroit) to Rivky Rottenstreich (Lakewood)... Eli Askerinam (Brooklyn) to Zahava Lankry (Monsey)... Shloime Friedman (Boro Park) to Miriam Friedman (Lakewood)... Naftali Dembitzer (Brooklyn) to Sarala Savitsky (Queens)... Moshe Noach Levitin (Cleveland) to Leah Dina Spiro (Toronto)... Chaim Shaul Steinmetz (Toronto) to Chaya Esther Ochs (Boston)... Ariel Friedland (Monsey) to Ita Daiches (Philadelphia)... Mordechai Bakst (Detroit) to Shoshana Gorelick (Lakewood)... Dovid Cooper (Flatbush) to Rochel Englard (Brooklyn)... Aryeh Leib Youlus (Baltimore) to Tziporah Weinstein (Lakewood)... Menachem Deutsch (Boro Park) to Rivky Itzkowitz (Monsey)... Yoni Zomick (Woodmere) to Sara Ita Levitan (Brooklyn)... Dovid Tzvi Pfeffer (Pittsburgh) to Yehudis Etlinger (Washington Hights)... Shmuel Aryeh Nemetsky (Flatbush) to Aidel Deitz (Flatbush)... Avrohom Yehuda Tikotzky (Lakewood) to Rivky Snyder (Monsey)... Avrohom Kaplan (Bensonhurst) to Raizy Kleinbard (Lakewood)... Shmuel Pollak (Brooklyn) to Yocheved Shapiro (Chicago)... Shmuel Yitzchok Apter (Far Rockaway) to Rachelli Wulliger (Flatbush)...
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Recent discussions on our blog.

Frozen, But Solid

Its that time of year again when there comes a need to discuss the “Shidduch Freezer”. Many yeshivos have adopted a policy where a boy cannot date until he is in the yeshiva for a certain amount of time (varies by yeshiva) The reason this is done is to (More here)
Yichus and Shidduchim

To some, family background is one of the first questions asked. To others its just one of the many questions asked as part of the information process. Share with us what Yichus means to you with Ezshidduch Polls. (More here)